Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team Announced

CLEVELAND, Ohio (EMUEagles.com) — The Mid-American Conference Office announced Thursday, Aug. 12, the Men’s and Women’s 2021 Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team. A total of 71 student-athletes were named to the men’s team, while 191 were named to the women’s squad.   Eastern Michigan tabbed 24 total student-athletes […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio (EMUEagles.com) — The Mid-American Conference Office announced Thursday, Aug. 12, the Men’s and Women’s 2021 Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team. A total of 71 student-athletes were named to the men’s team, while 191 were named to the women’s squad.
Eastern Michigan tabbed 24 total student-athletes to the academic list, eight on the men’s side and 16 on the women’s side. Miami paced all men’s programs with 25 honorees, followed by Kent State (14), Buffalo (13), Akron (11), and EMU with eight. Meanwhile, Miami also led the way for the women’s teams with 26 selections, followed by Kent State and Ohio with 23, respectively. Furthermore, Central Michigan saw 18 student-athletes honored, Bowling Green State and EMU both had 16, followed by Toledo (15), Akron (13), Ball State and Northern Illinois (10), and Ball State (9).
The Academic All-MAC honor is for a student-athlete who has excelled in athletics and academics. To qualify, a student-athlete must have at least a 3.20 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and have participated in at least 50 percent of the contests for that particular sport.
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2021 MAC Men’s Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team
Nuh Andu, Akron, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.499
Hesham Eldesouky, Akron, Sr., Civil Engineering, 3.333
William Gross, Akron, So., Chemical Engineering, 3.471
Brandon Hochbein, Akron, Sr., Physical Education/Sport Science-Coaching, 3.950
Oliver Huffman, Akron, Jr., Psychology, 3.796
Jacob Hutcherson, Akron, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.421
Patrick Kimball, Akron, Sr., PK-12-Physical Education, 3.246
Blake Lucius, Akron, So., Sales Management, 3.291
Ryan Kilhoffer, Akron, Jr. (R), Civil Engineering, 3.672
Robert Artrip, Akron, So., Mechanical Engineering, 3.513
Avalonn Harper, Akron, So., Business Management, 3.233
Mark Przybocki, Buffalo, Junior, History, 3.250
Thomas Flannery, Buffalo, Senior, Business Administration, 3.386
Caleb Nickens, Buffalo, Junior, Civil Engineering, 3.521
Patrick Hazlitt, Buffalo, Senior, Business Administration, 3.554
Michael Wolford, Buffalo, Sophomore, Criminology, 3.575
Nicholas Taboni, Buffalo, Senior, Physical Therapy, 3.528
Christopher Nowak, Buffalo, Senior, Business Administration, 3.815
Brandon Burke, Buffalo, Senior, Aerospace Engineering, 3.849
Elijah Kerner, Buffalo, Sophomore, Business Administration, 3.748
David Wolanin, Buffalo, Senior, Business Administration, 3.852
Jaron Meyer, Buffalo, Sophomore, Biomedical Studies, 3.812
Armani Merlino, Buffalo, Sophomore, Computer Science, 3.947
Scott Loforte, Buffalo, Junior, Civil Engineering, 3.949
Khalil Bedoui, Eastern Michigan, Sophomore, Exploratory, 3.26
Ronald Brandal, Eastern Michigan, Redshirt Sophomore, Social studies/Political science, 3.82
Taige Bryant, Eastern Michigan, Graduate Student, Health administration, 3.73
Chris Devaney, Eastern Michigan, Redshirt Sophomore, Economics, 3.99
Joe Duff, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Marketing, 3.27
Chukwusom Enekwechi, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Exercise science, 3.41
Zach Harkey, Eastern Michigan, Graduate Student, Clinical research administration, 3.50
Garrett Wade, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Psychology, 3.57
Joshua Allen, Kent State, Senior, 3.971, Mathematics
Scott Benco, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.976, Physical Education
Quintin Cooks, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.960, Communication Studies
Del’Mario Hairston, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.363, Entrepreneurship
Drew Johnson, Kent State, Junior, 3.379, Aerospace Engineering
TJ Lawson, Kent State, Graduate Student, 3.925, Master of Business Administration
Jacob Mally, Kent State, Senior, 3.307, Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology
Anthony Milliner, Kent State, Senior, 3.519, Human Development/Family Studies
Brian Phillips, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.607, Computer Information Systems
Justin Prack, Kent State, Senior, 3.759, Accounting
Kyle Sommer, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.317, Computer Information Systems
Alex Stamper, Kent State, Junior, 3.455, Architecture
Lukas Van Der Watt, Kent State, Redshirt Senior, 3.897, Aerospace Engineering
Xavier Williams, Kent State, Redshirt Junior, 3.330, Digital Sciences
Ben Artrip, Miami, Sr., Mechanical Engineering/Biology, 3.43
Jake Bertelsen, Miami, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.81
Nick Bosley, Miami, Jr., Kinesiology, 3.31
Anthony Camerieri, Miami, Jr., Kinesiology, 3.71
Dan Conway, Miami, So., Mechanical Engineering, 3.56
Sean Delany, Miami, Jr., Marketing, 3.46

Luke Finnegan, Miami, Jr., Sport Leadership & Management, 3.66
Sebastian Francesconi, Miami, Sr., Chemistry/Pre-Med, 3.44

Jack Francetic, Miami, Sr., Information Systems & Analytics, 3.38
Charles Harders, Miami, Jr., Computer Engineering, 3.71

Seth Hoffman, Miami, Sr., Sport Leadership & Management, 3.46
Al Margo, Miami, Sr., Bioengineering, 3.76
Jacob Matthews, Miami, Jr., Business Economics, 3.23

Travis Moore, Miami, Sr., Sport Leadership & Management, 3.65
CJ Patton, Miami, Sr., Marketing, 3.41
Sam Pearl, Miami, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.56
Jacob Ranker, Miami, So., Finance, 3.64
Nick Saul, Miami, So., Bioengineering, 3.72
Andrew Schroff, Miami, So, Public Health, 3.54
Ryan Smith, Miami, So, Spanish/Finance, 3.70
Chris Torpy, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Engineering Management, 3.22
Sean Torpy, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Kinesiology, 3.80     
James Turner, Miami, So., Economics, 3.70
Dawson Wervey, Miami, Jr., Kinesiology/Pre-Med, 3.72
John Wetula, Miami, So, Finance, 3.68
2021 MAC Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Academic All-MAC Team
Zoi Balamouti, Akron, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.973
Sara Foster, Akron, Jr., Nursing, 3.855
Weronika Grzelak, Akron, Sr., Organizational Supervision, 3.839
Lizzy Gurko, Akron, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.511
Abby Helminiak, Akron, Jr. (R), Elementary Education, 4.00 (grad)/3.773 (UG)
Hannah Long, Akron, Sr., Business, 3.907
Kassandra Roemer, Akron, Jr., Chemistry, 3.978
Lindsey Scarton, Akron, Sr., Primary Incl Teach Prep, 3.933
Carlyn Zahner, Akron, Jr., Dietetics, 3.274
Varvara Lissichkina, Akron, Sr., Sport Science/Coaching, 3.923
Alyssa Thomas, Akron, Sr., Nutrition, 3.627
Gabrielle McDaniel, Akron, Fr. (R), Political Science, 3.786
Emily Taylor, Akron, Sr., Nursing, 3.747
Kennedy Batts, Ball State, Jr., Pre-Med and Psychology, 3.242
Grace Dean, Ball State, So., Elementary Education, 3.866
Abby Denham, Ball State, Sr., Exercise Science, 3.855
Cayla Eckenroth, Ball State, Sr., English Education, 3.465
Charity Griffith, Ball State, So., Exercise Science, 3.351
Michelle Lehmann, Ball State, Sr., Psychological Science, 3.527
Ivy McKee, Ball State, Sr., Exercise Science, 3.705
Hailley Peters, Ball State, Sr. Nursing, 3.738
Emmalyne Tarsa, Ball State, Sr., Nursing, 3.689
Karlie Zumbro, Ball State, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.850
Megan Aalberts, Bowling Green, Sr., Sport Management, 3.760
Chasatea Brown, Bowling Green, Sr., Individualized Studies, 3.387
Kaila Butler, Bowling Green, R-Sr., Curriculum and Teaching, 4.000

Ryen Draper, Bowling Green, Sr., Human Development & Family Studies, 3.562
Destiny Fernandes, Bowling Green, So., Health Science, 3.254
Jemeila Hunter, Bowling Green, So., Allied Health, 3.947
Elise Johnson, Bowling Green, R-Fr., Communication Disorders, 4.000
Jessi Lindstrom, Bowling Green, R-Jr., Communication Disorders, 3.661
Zaresha Neal, Bowling Green, R-Jr., Supply Chain Management, 3.713
Sydney Niekamp, Bowling Green, Jr., Graphic Design, 3.676
Kailee Perry, Bowling Green, So., Exercise Science, 4.000
Brianna Richard, Bowling Green, R-Jr., Exercise Science, 3.384
Riley Robertson, Bowling Green, R-Fr., Adolescence to Young Adult Education, 4.000
Hannah Shoemaker, Bowling Green, So., Finance, 3.951
Katerina Shuble, Bowling Green, R-So., Architecture Design Studies, 4.000
Ebonie Whitted, Bowling Green, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.409
Samantha Shea, Buffalo, Junior, Public Health, 3.529
Christina Wende, Buffalo, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.525
Samantha Spinella, Buffalo, Senior, Biological Sciences/Spanish, 3.505
Emma Seiders, Buffalo, Senior, Exercise Science, 3.540
Travasia Singletary, Buffalo, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.488
Rachel Donner, Buffalo, Junior, Environmental Studies, 3.482
Molly McCreedy, Buffalo, Junior, History, 3.955
Wijitra “Earnie” Burapan, Buffalo, Senior, Environmental Engineering, 3.740
Samantha Hjelmar, Buffalo, 5th Year/Graduate Student, Physical Therapy, 3.756
Maya Bennett, Central Michigan, senior, biology, 3.35
Aliyah Boeve, Central Michigan, redshirt freshman, early childhood development, 3.84
Reghan Draper, Central Michigan, redshirt freshman, sport management, 3.28

Marissa Dunn, Central Michigan, senior, recreation & event management, 3.92
Emma Francis, Central Michigan, sophomore, biology, 3.80
Rebecca Herman, Central Michigan, junior, art, 3.82
Erin Howard, Central Michigan, senior, 3.34
Haley Manners, Central Michigan, sophomore, exercise science, 3.89
Kasey Staley, Central Michigan, senior, integrative public relations, 3.63
Alyssa Vandegriff, Central Michigan, sophomore, communications, 3.75
Lauren Beckmann, Central Michigan, junior, biology, 3.93
Alexa Davis, Central Michigan, junior, anthropology, 3.93
Emma Fountain, Central Michigan, redshirt freshman, communications, 3.98
Ana Garcia, Central Michigan, senior, mathematics, 3.67
Madi Mandelke, Central Michigan, sophomore, biology, 3.86
Morgan Merlino, Central Michigan, senior, mathematics, 3.66
Anya Turner, Central Michigan, sophomore, exercise science, 3.76
Olivia Hankey, Central Michigan, sophomore, exercise science, 3.49
Kadian Clarke, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Finance, 4.0
Mair Edwards, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Biology, 4.0
Graysen Simmons, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Public relations, 4.0
Chevonne Wheeler, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Exercise science, 4.0
Lexi Seifert, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Biology, 3.93
Alyson Davis, Eastern Michigan, Sophomore, Exercise science, 3.85
Brittni Mason, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Sport management, 3.80
Brenna Cavanaugh, Eastern Michigan, Redshirt Sophomore, Psychology, 3.78
Gianna Salzbrunn, Eastern Michigan, Graduate Student, Sport management, 3.76
Morgan Iverson, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Computer science, 3.75
Nina Ward, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Psychology, 3.75
Maura Lane, Eastern Michigan, Redshirt Freshman, Nursing, 3.67
Keypathwa Gibson, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Sport management, 3.66
Kristine Bourg, Eastern Michigan, Graduate Student, Sport management, 3.56
Janay Hall, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Biology, 3.55
Miranda Cadwell, Eastern Michigan, Redshirt Freshman, Art, 3.43
Gabby Bailey, Kent State, Junior, 3.552, Exercise Science
Kalli Barrett, Kent State, Junior, 3.920, Chemistry
Sarena Choi, Kent State, Senior, 3.479, Fashion Merchandising
Mi’Angel Daniels, Kent State, Graduate Student, 4.000, Fashion Industry Studies
Nicole DiCicco, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.950, Nutrition
Benja Duff, Kent State, Senior, 3.208, Exercise Science
Maddie Dunlap, Kent State, Senior, 3.574, Nursing
Nicole Fleming, Kent State, Senior, 3.983, Business Management
Grace Frye, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.894, Architectural Studies
Ruby Greenwood, Kent State, Junior, 3.488, Nutrition
Marissa Henley, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.684, Political Science
Samantha Hyme, Kent State, Senior, 4.000, Chemistry
Sami Ice, Senior, Kent State, 3.633, Fashion Merchandising
Leah Lisle, Kent State, Junior, 3.747, Nutrition
Grace Luther, Kent State, Redshirt Sophomore, 3.631, Fashion Merchandising
Tianna McCormick, Kent State, Redshirt Sophomore, 3.711, Psychology

Jayda Singleton, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.202, Criminology & Justice Studies
Grace Tennant, Kent State, Senior, 3.814, Physical Education
Desiree Thomas, Kent State, Senior, 3.660, Biology
Ally Thompson, Kent State, Senior, 3.284, Marketing
Vanessa Vodan, Kent State, Graduate Student, 3.957, Audiology
Morgan White, Kent State, Sophomore, 3.735, Sport Administration
Nina Zraik, Kent State, Redshirt Freshman, 3.949, Environmental Studies
Emily Akin, Miami, Jr., Primary Education, 3.70
Faith Baxter, Miami, Jr., Chemistry/Pre-Med, 3.80

Olivia Bechtel, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Kinesiology & Health 3.90
Marija Bogavac, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Political Science, 3.45

Sarah Bruns, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Kinesiology & Health, 3.78
Gabby Cossio, Miami, So., Finance, 3.69

Carly Davis, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Kinesiology & Health, 3.90
Allie Filiatraut, Miami, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.84
Tyree’ Fletcher, Miami, So., Kinesiology, 3.46
McKenna Fry, Miami, Jr., Nutrition, 3.59
Ally Gallagher, Miami, Sr., Journalism/Political Science, 3.83
Jaime Handra, Miami, Jr., Biology, 3.76

Mallory Harr, Miami, Sr., Supply Chain & Operation Management, 3.58
Addison Hoover, Miami, So., Zoology, 3.29
Sydney Jefferson, Miami, Jr., Sociology, 3.40
Morgan Lancaster, Miami, So., Marketing, 3.41
Claire Linn, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Business Analytics, 3.53
Hailey Lowe, Miami, So., Interactive Media Studies/Entrepreneurship, 3.57
Christina Nash, Miami, Sr., Sociology/Pre-Med, 3.38
Lora Ontl, Jr., Miami, Biology/Medial Laboratory Science, 3.35
Carmen Riano, Miami, So., Bioengineering, 3.75
Hannah Santoni, Miami, Jr., Kinesiology/Nutrition, 3.85
Ally Suyak, Miami, So., Kinesiology, 3.81
Katie Vitou, Miami, Jr., Biochemistry/Pre-Med, 3.39

Elise Walker, Miami, Gr.-Sr., Kinesiology & Health, 3.57
Kayla Walters, Miami, So., Kinesiology, 3.79
Remy Amarteifio, NIU, RS Senior, Psychology, 3.85
Sara Atkins, NIU, Senior, Kinesiology, 3.725
Brynn Bartlett, NIU, Senior, Nursing, 3.907
Megan Biddle, NIU, RS Senior, Special Education, 3.219
Nora Finegan, NIU, Senior, Electrical Engineering, 4.00
Kaitlyn Lewis, NIU, Junior, Biological Sciences, 3.487
Kenyae Majors, NIU, Senior, Middle Level Teaching and Learning, 3.715
Hannah Ricci, NIU, Junior, Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.893
Victoria Robinson, NIU, Senior, Nursing, 3.613
Ashley Tutt, NIU, RS Junior, History, 3.804
Madelyn Bartolone, Ohio, R-So., Studio Art, 3.91
Hailey Bowes, Sr., Arts and Sciences, 3.307
Olivia Brewer, Ohio, R-Jr., Nursing, 3.485
Alyssa Christian, Ohio, So., Psychology, English Cultures, Rhetoric and Theory, 3.95
Tate Dawson, Ohio, Sr., Exercise Physiology Pre Physical Therapy, 3.69
Tajah Haley, Ohio, 5th year, Blended Early Childhood and Special Education, 4.0
Jessie Hartmen, Ohio, R-Jr. Social Work, 3.959
Ashleigh Kitrell, Ohio, 5th, Coaching Education, 3.93.
Jocelyn Knauss, Ohio, Jr., Nursing, 3.945
Rosie Lamb, Ohio, Jr., Mild-Moderate Educational Needs, 4.0
Autumn Mohan, Ohio, Jr. Health and Physical Education, 3.55
Mikaylie Park, Ohio, R-Jr., Nursing, 3.775
Lauren Parrell, Ohio, R-Jr., Health Science Administration, 3.48
Stephanie, Pierce, Ohio, Jr., Health Studies and Exercise Physiology, 2.929
 Bailey Roberts, Ohio, R-Fr., Exercise Physiology, Pre Physical Therapy, 3.763
Emma Russ, Ohio, R-Jr., Chemistry, Bio Chem, 3.569
Halie Sciury, Ohio, Jr., Early Childhood Education, 3.971
Natalie Seeberg, Ohio, R-Sr., Physical Therapy, 3.478
Carly Shell, Ohio, R-Sr., Public Health, 3.791
Rachel Simpson, Ohio, Jr., Communication Studies, 3.447
Abigail Summers, Ohio, Sr., VISCO-Infographic, Public Design, 3.713
Carina Weaver, Ohio, So., Exercise Physiology, 3.632
Emma Zid, Ohio, Jr., Applied Nutrition, 3.342
Allison Vogl, Toledo, Jr., Professional Sales, 3.988
Madeline Vining, Toledo, Soph., Economics, 3.970
Emily Vining, Toledo, Soph., Marketing, 3.968
Yana Khabina, Toledo, Sr., Applied Business Analytics, 3.945
Stephanie Sherman, Toledo, Sr., Bioengineering, 3.935
Roma Lucarelli, Toledo, Sr., Graduate-English, 3.890
Ava Moran, Toledo, So., Speech Language Pathology, 3.887
Megan Burmeister, Toledo, Jr., Bioengineering, 3.843
Rayna Horner, Toledo, Jr., Social work, 3.810
Hannah Sponaugle, Toledo, Sr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.775
Petronela Simiuc, Toledo, Sr., Grad-Liberal Studies, 3.720
Meltem Yasar, Toledo, Sr., Interdisciplinary Studies, 3.712
Riley Kwiatkowski, Toledo, Sr., Early Childhood Education, 3.630
Maya Hannagan, Toledo, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.428
Claire Steigerwald, Toledo, Jr., Marketing, 3.300
Brittney Hall, Senior, Western Michigan, Occupational Therapy, 4.0 (grad program)
Rebecca McNamee, Western Michigan, Senior, Social Work, 3.64 (grad program)
Juliane Sormain, Western Michigan, Senior, Applied Economics, 3.78 (grad program)
Courtney Allen, Western Michigan, Senior, Biomedical Sciences, 3.34
Taylor Eaton, Western Michigan, Senior, Healthcare Services and Sciences, 3.63
Annalise James, Western Michigan, Sophomore, Exercise Sciences, 3.63
Kailyn Mince, Western Michigan, Sophomore, Secondary Education: Earth Science, 3.75
Madison Ochs, Western Michigan, Junior, Biomedical Sciences, 3.75
Mary Raclawski, Western Michigan, Sophomore, Food/Consumer Package Goods Marketing, 3.78
Charlotte Ramser, Western Michigan, Senior, Nursing, 3.76
Ashley Shipps, Western Michigan, Sophomore, Elementary Education, 3.56
Paisley Sipes, Western Michigan, Sophomore, Art, 3.78

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