[Kimono Style] Chihoko’s Closet Shows How Fashion Can Be Appreciated at All Ages

Table of Contents Chihoko’s Journey All Her Kimono ~~ ~ Chihoko is in the in excess of 65 age team in our study categories. She is an lively member of the ‘Gray Hair’ group. This is a team of very interesting and active women who have resolved not to observe the […]


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Chihoko is in the in excess of 65 age team in our study categories. She is an lively member of the ‘Gray Hair’ group. This is a team of very interesting and active women who have resolved not to observe the offered line by hiding their gray hair with dye or any kind of poisonous material, but are living with and take pleasure in the shade that their hair has become. 

The gray hair team periodically meets for supper, and I have savored pleasant evenings talking to some of the excellent ladies in the group. Chihoko was dressed in kimono the evening of one current collecting, and she was hunting genuinely interesting. She had a pretty hat on. 

Later on she also came to my college when I was supplying a speech, so I took the plunge and questioned her if she would be a volunteer for my kimono closet investigation. 

I invested a beautiful morning in her residence finding out about her kimono journey. I was especially intrigued in the point that even as an more mature lady, she can wear kimono in a modern and trendy way. She informed me that she will get an overwhelmingly constructive reaction to her kimono outfits, and now that she wears kimono, she has been ready to put on her beloved hats much more than she could in advance of. 

Lots of folks tell me that I can put on kimono fashionably for the reason that I am a foreigner, but because they are older and Japanese, they simply cannot do it. Chihoko is evidence that it is properly attainable to be Japanese, and older, and nonetheless enjoy kimono design. 

I hope that you love her story. I feel it is a fantastic one particular, with a terrific message.

Chihoko’s Journey 

Chihoko was born and grew up in Tokyo and lives with her husband. Her two kids are now developed up and unbiased. She is a housewife, and she applied to promote dance have on from property for about 10 decades, till her spouse retired. 

She wore a kimono when she was 7 for shichi-go-san (7,5,3 many years old celebration) and she wore it again for coming of age (20 years previous). 

Her mother purchased her numerous kimono when she married. They have been plain, all-over patterned (komon), raw silk kimono, etc, but she was not interested in them and so she by no means wore them. 

She has been intrigued in manner, especially the 1960s, and she enjoys putting on hats and other add-ons. She loves ballroom dancing. 

Her mom passed absent eight years ago, and they have been preparing to tear down her old residence. There were some boxes with kimono in the residence, so Chihoko rescued them, but didn’t genuinely consider a great glance at what was in the containers. It was afterwards that she became interested and begun wearing them. She has 52 kimono, mainly informal ones these as all-above patterns, and uncooked silk, and just about all of them arrive from her mom.

Just about a few several years ago, she was motivated by a image ebook that I printed. She had never been influenced by regular kimono magazines, but soon after viewing this book, she obtained out her mother’s kimono and commenced to look at them. She went to a handful of kimono lessons, practiced with YouTube for practically a calendar year, and then begun going out in kimono. 

All Her Kimono

Motivated by that book, she has started to use a whole lot of hats and accessories that she wasn’t employing before, and she finds that it is enjoyable. When she goes out in kimono persons praise her seem, and that will make her incredibly delighted.

She suggests she has also lots of kimono and they just take up home, so she would like to get rid of some of them. However, she doesn’t truly know what they are, so she desires to verify that 1st prior to she decides which types to continue to keep and which ones not to continue to keep. A lot more importantly, she desires to use just about every one at least after ahead of she will get rid of them.

She showed me her mother’s wedding furisode. In the previous photograph you can see it in black and white. It appeared from the extremely base of the kimono upper body. She considered it was a actually amazing furisode, so brilliant and colourful, so she wanted to get her photograph in it. She received a photographer and I went out in Tokyo and she took pictures and made a photobook of them.

She also showed me the initially kimono that she purchased herself. She was in her 40s, she thinks. The system is named sumi nagashi. She was in a section store with her mother, in Kichijoji. She just imagined it would actually accommodate her. Then one day she wore it to a social gathering and she had soup spilled all around it! 

Chihoko continues to rock stylish kimono design and style anytime I see her.

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