Hunting Opals in Magdalena de los Opalos

The small town of Magdalena de los Opalos is worth a visit, whilst it is a little bit considerably from the metropolis of Puerto Vallarta. Indeed, this city of 16,000 inhabitants is of a usual Mexican style, its really clear streets allow you to stroll close to the central sq. and the bordering streets though having fun with the freshness that you simply cannot uncover in Puerto Vallarta. The several opal mines encompassing the town have made it a identified area of trade for this gem and the take a look at of the mines as properly as the look for for opals for leisure have created it an attention-grabbing vacationer vacation spot to expend a working day or two there.

view of Magdalena de los Opalos in Jalisco, Mexico where you can find mexican fire opals

Watch of the center of Magdalena de los Opalos which is a standard Mexican village

Located on the freeway linking Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara, 20 kilometers from Tequila and 80 kilometers from Guadalajara, so it is quick to strategy a stopover during an tour in the area. It will acquire 3h30 or 3h45 by vehicle from Puerto Vallarta, taking into account visitors. How to get to the opal mine from Puerto Vallarta

Perspective of the highway to get to the opal mines of Magdalena from Puerto Vallarta, before long a extra immediate highway likely as a result of the jungle with enable to get there more rapidly.

Opal Mines, the major attraction of the town

Launched at the beginning of the 16th century, the current town is organized all over the church, the chapel and the convent situated reverse the central sq.. 

If this tiny town is pleasurable when you are passing through, it is not remarkable both, the fascination of this 1 staying the go to of the mines and the probability of looking for opals there. Numerous dozen mines are scattered in the area around the metropolis, exactly where miners research the volcanic soil for fire opals and noble opals that they can sell to lapidaries and jewelers in the town middle.

Mine tours are organized by diverse jewelry retailers. I never think there is a tourism union, mainly because when I went there, no just one was capable to explain to me about any organization taking care of tourism in the locality. You will have to organize oneself both of those for lodging and to manage your pay a visit to.

The Opalos de México jewellery retail outlet found at 115 Calle Independenia (most important street crossing the metropolis) and the lapidary workshop La Sorpresa at 43 México Street (30 m from the central sq.) present you the possibility to visit opal mines. The visit is generally paying out with the food stuff integrated.

To organize your visit, I advise you to just take a look at the Opalos de México website, whose internet site is properly carried out and will give you adequate details to know what to expect. Of all the opal stores and jewelry shops, Opalos de México would seem to be the reference and specially the a single that encourages alone ideal and offers (in my opinion) the most wonderful stones in the metropolis.

Browsing the opal mine and heading down to opal hunt 

Throughout our excursion to Magdalena, we ended up fortunate enough to meet up with an ex-miner who presented to exhibit us about an opal mine. So listed here we are on the way at 10:30 in the early morning to a mine (whose name I forgot) north of the city. It will choose about 50 percent an hour to get there.

Where are located the mexicain opal mines on the map

 I have not been capable to come across a map displaying the opal mines that surround the metropolis. To locate out the place they are, you have to meet miners or jewelers who can present you with information. It is particular that the satellite views of Google Maps are a excellent way to track down mines from the sky as can be viewed in the next image, the latter go away an very easily recognizable mark on the floor found from the sky.satelite view of mexican opal mines

Traveling to such a mine is definitely worth a pay a visit to, as it is an intriguing experience. On the one particular hand, the mines currently being open pit, it is not important to sneak into a filthy and badly shored blast gap, a single can stay on the edge and have a fantastic overview of how minors get the job done in the mine.

view of our guide in the opal mine, he is an ex opal hunter

They perforate the rock with drills and then insert explosives that fracture the rock. The miners then complete crushing the rubble into compact parts in search of flashes of mild betraying the existence of opals. Although you are unlikely to find an opal in this way when you take a look at, it is popular to find opal fragments in rubble piled up by miners outside their functioning spot. This picture is an instance of this kind of waste showing encrustation of opals. view of an opal rough stone looking for mexican fire opal lights

The miners do the job on the floor with a hammer and gloves for all instruments. The use of device equipment jeopardizing harming the opals, they are only utilized to evacuate the rubble out of the mine. Our visit was an prospect to satisfy a buddy of Felipe (pictured underneath) who seasoned the opal rush in the early 60s and invested his total existence in the mines about Magdalena. That day, a Saturday, he was on the lookout for opals to move the time. Right after all, why enjoy Tv set if you can hunt for opals.

 view of the inside of the opal mine in Jalisco, Mexico

The up coming picture shows a pair of a little bit improved equipped miners looking for opals. The cavity wherever they do the job has been dug with dynamite. They complete breaking the rock with a hammer in lookup of the existence of opals in them.

looking for mexican fire opal down in the opal mine

Mexican Opals and Hearth Opals 

The three styles of opals extracted from Mexican mines and made use of in jewelry are the common opals, opaque and of variable colour, the hearth opals which are translucent and of coloration varying from yellow to darkish orange and at last the noble opals which have play of light attribute of the diffraction of mild rays on the microscopic construction of silica constituting the opal.

 orange mexican opal that weights 22 carats

This mexican opal was extracted for a mine of Magdalena de los Opalos and weighs 22 carats

And listed here is the type of the jewellery that can be finished with this kind of a special opal gemstone.

Opal brooch with red mexican opal and blue diamonds in sterling silver

 noble opal extracted from the mexican opal mine

 noble mexican opal pendant in silver

Excellent to know

For lodging, I propose the Actual Quinta Minas hotel, situated at the corner of Calle Allende and calle Francisco Javier Mina #49 (phone 386 744 0546), it is genuinely comfy with the decision in between a double mattress , a Queen measurement bed or a King size bed. The rooms are roomy and thoroughly clean with a bathroom and very hot water. The Tv set is a flat display with cable incorporated. Charges are extremely reasonable ranging from 250 pesos for the double mattress to 350 pesos for the king sizing bed. It is positioned close to the square exactly where it is probable to take in both equally lunch and supper.

For your opal buys, you will have the option to obtain wholesale opals in tough stones in bottles with h2o. It’s a rip off, most incorporate unexciting stones and hydrophane opals which have great mild shows when in water and are opaque with no light display when dry. I suggest you to go to a jewelry retail store to decide on both your stones or your jewellery with opals, it will be safer.

Other Pursuits

  • Visit of the central sq. and the religious websites found there
  • Go to of the Magdalena distillery licensed to deliver Tequila, this one is outdoors the town, the most effective point is to call them to uncover out how to get there.
  • Check out to the aged Hacienda de San Andrés and La Quemada, the to start with positioned 25 minutes from the town and the 2nd just 10 minutes.


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